WMOC 2015 Gothenburg

Welcome to Gothenburg and the 2015 World
Masters Orienteering Championship.

General information

The Event takes part in Gothenburg between the 26 July and the 1 August, the week after O-ringen in Borås. The competition is open for masters for all runners born in 1980 or earlier.kvalliten1

For all information please read  Bulletin 1. The bulletin is now updated (english version, translations will soon be done) with some new information (2014-11-07).

Programme and important dates.

2014-12-31 First entry deadline

2015-03-31 Second entry deadline

2015-06-30 Last entry deadline (Late entries: From 1 July 2015 will be provided if vacancies still exist.)

2015-07-26 Sprint qualification

2015-07-27 Sprint final Styrsö Emil Fagander/Media Göteborg & Co

2015-07-29 Long qualification I

2015-07-30 Long qualification II

2015-08-01 Long final (First start time: 09.00 and estimated time for the last finisher is 14.00)