The next entry deadline is March 31. We will accept payment by bank or by card.

To the registration.

For tour operators: To register a group please contact [email protected] for more information.

There have been some questions about the registration.

  • To get to the payment site and save your registration, click the ”To payment”-button.
  • If  you choose to pay by invoice you can choose if you want to pay in EUR or SEK. Swedish participants should use the SEK choice to be able to pay the invoice via a Swedish bank, all other should use EUR. The registration fee in SEK is 1 209 kr for 130€.
  • Please notice that for card payments write the card number without spaces and that the expiration date is in the form YYYY/MM
  • If you are experiencing other problems during the registration, try to change web browser.
  • If you are mailing your registration, please mail it before March 30 to be sure to get the registration fee for this entry deadline.